ANVIL Game Review

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ANVIL Game Review

“ANVIL,” the creation of indie game developer ACTION SQUARE, is a captivating top-down roguelike shooter that embarks you on a mission to unveil the enigmatic “Vault” – a hidden gem of galactic heritage – in a heroic attempt to safeguard humanity from hostile mechanical lifeforms. While the game boasts incredible potential, there are certain areas that require improvement to truly unleash its brilliance.

With its 1.0 launch, “ANVIL” delivers an exhilarating and strategic gaming experience, presenting players with a variety of roles and game modes that keep the adrenaline pumping. Nonetheless, attracting new players could prove challenging, potentially affecting the game’s long-term success.

At the core of “ANVIL” lies fast-paced, bullet hell combat intertwined with epic, large-scale boss battles. Embracing different player roles, the game invites strategic gameplay, whether you prefer to be a tough damage-absorbing bruiser on the frontline or a nimble attacker dealing precise damage from a distance. Catering to a diverse range of playstyles, each role promises its own set of unique thrills and challenges, making “ANVIL” an adventure worth exploring for all types of gamers.

A Galactic Adventure

ANVIL Game Review

During its launch, “ANVIL” boasts an impressive array of four distinctive game modes, each thoughtfully designed to cater to various player moods and skill levels.

In Practice Mode, both newcomers and seasoned players can take advantage of a risk-free environment to grasp the game’s mechanics and experiment with different Breakers – the playable characters with unique abilities and traits. This mode is perfect for refining strategies and discovering the ideal Breaker that aligns with your play style.

Galaxy Mode offers an engaging and structured exploration experience. As you progress through different galaxies, you’ll uncover and utilize various buffs to enhance your power, with the challenges and rewards increasing in intensity.

Season Challenge Mode adds a refreshing layer of difficulty. Players can select a planet to explore, striving to conquer higher levels of challenge and earning coveted Challenge Badges as a testament to their skills and determination. It’s an opportunity to earn bragging rights among peers.

Lastly, PVP Mode introduces a competitive dimension to the game. Engage in thrilling online battles against other skilled Breakers, aiming to secure victory by winning three rounds.

While these modes are typical in the roguelike shooter genre, “ANVIL” still manages to deliver a highly enjoyable single-player experience, at least for a few trips around the galaxy. However, the true potential of the game seems to lie in its multiplayer mode, although it may require further polishing to reach its full brilliance.

Challenges in Multiplayer and Prolonged Boss Fights

ANVIL Game Review

ANVIL’s true potential lies in its multiplayer component, which offers a captivating cooperative, team-based gameplay. The game’s appeal is further enhanced as it allows you to team up with up to two friends or players from around the world. However, it’s important to consider that the success of ANVIL heavily depends on the size and activity of its multiplayer community. At times, matchmaking can be unpredictable, resulting in limited playable options with single-player modes being the only choice.

The introduction of the PVP Mode intensifies the competitive aspect of the multiplayer experience. Facing off against other Breakers demands quick thinking, effective teamwork, and tactical skills. Nevertheless, to maintain a thriving multiplayer community, it is crucial to have a consistent playerbase; otherwise, the multiplayer experience might become stagnant. In such a situation, the game may need to focus more on single-player content, which is acceptable as long as necessary adjustments are made to refine the overall experience.

One notable aspect that players may encounter in ANVIL is the prolonged duration of boss fights. Despite the impressive on-screen DPS counter showing significant damage dealt by your Breaker, the bosses possess substantial HP reserves, making these battles require solid endurance. The boss’ “rage” forms, with their bullet hell and area of effect mechanics, add an element of thoughtfulness and fun, but the novelty wears off quickly due to the excessively high HP values. Ideally, having a Breaker with a self-healing ability can be a saving grace, as it significantly aids in lengthier encounters.

ANVIL” – A Promising Contribution to the Roguelike Genre

ANVIL Game Review

“ANVIL” brings together shooter mechanics, strategic gameplay, and cooperative multiplayer, making it a noteworthy addition to the roguelike genre. While the game shows great promise, it requires some fine-tuning to reach its full potential. Its unique blend of roguelike elements offers an engaging adventure for both genre enthusiasts and newcomers. With careful refinement, additions, and rebalancing, “ANVIL” could evolve into an addicting and truly engaging experience. Although it’s already worth checking out, future updates may unlock its full greatness.

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