The 12 Ultimate Anime Cats Throughout History


Within the anime realm, an abundance of adorable, affectionate, and occasionally formidable feline creatures exists. Presented below are the 12 most exceptional ones of all time.

Whether they’re going viral in internet memes, scheming for world domination, or using your lap as a cozy bed, cats maintain an enduring position as beloved companions. In Japanese culture, cats are often regarded as fortunate omens, and they are also seen as protectors of humans. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that feline characters abound in the world of anime, whether they possess magical abilities or not, often drawing inspiration from mythical and legendary creatures. Some embody the mischievous bakeneko or the shape-shifting nekomata from folklore, while others originate from outer space or the realms beyond. Then there are those delightful felines without any supernatural powers, whose sheer cuteness holds sway over our hearts. Be they mischievous or mystical, scratching or snuggly, here are some of our treasured anime cats that we yearn to have by our side.

Luna from Sailor Moon

Envision a sentient ebony feline bearing a lunar emblem upon her forehead, rousing you from slumber to disclose your destined role as a remarkable superhero. Luna, once a trusted companion of Queen Serenity within the Moon Kingdom, awakens Usagi Tsukino to her true identity as Sailor Moon. However, Luna’s duties extend beyond a single awakening, as she must repeatedly rouse Usagi from her inclination to doze off instead of fulfilling her world-saving responsibilities. Luna remains ever vigilant and safeguarding, occasionally to the point of being overly protective, a necessary stance in the face of malevolent cosmic threats. Furthermore, Luna possesses the extraordinary ability to assume human form, adding another dimension to her multifaceted nature.

Artemis from Sailor Moon

Meet the male counterpart of Luna, sporting a coat of pristine white fur. Hailing from Queen Serenity’s long-lost kingdom, this feline companion possesses a touch of clumsiness—perhaps more than just a touch—yet remains unwaveringly loyal and courageous in his own unique manner. Despite occasionally testing Luna’s patience, who can blame her for being taken aback when she discovers that her boyfriend has fathered a kitten in another realm of time and space? Sailor Venus is the human counterpart to this feline friend, who, like Luna, keeps a watchful eye on the Sailor Senshi when he’s not finding himself entangled in misadventures. Thankfully, he tends to be less stringent with Minako than Luna is with Usagi.

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Happy from Eden’s Zero

Happy, the charmingly deceptive robot cat, accompanies B-Cuber Rebecca Bluegarden and defies feline anatomy by gracefully walking on two legs. In a poignant turn of events, Happy’s existence as a feline android becomes the only means to preserve his life after an unfortunate accident involving a car. As a regular presence on Rebecca’s B-Cube channel, a futuristic variant of social media, Happy plays an integral role within the Eden’s Zero crew. His companions greatly appreciate his multi-faceted abilities, which extend beyond mere companionship. Happy can transform himself into a formidable pair of ether-firing blasters, capable of escalating into cannon or assault rifle configurations.

Blair from Soul Eater

Beware of the illusion, for while Blair may occasionally assume a human guise, she is far from a mere human witch. Rather, she is a witch’s cat, complete with a distinctive witch’s hat. Beyond her mischievous demeanor, Blair is actually a bakeneko, a mythical feline from Japanese folklore blessed with an array of supernatural abilities. This extraordinary creature possesses the gift of speech and effortlessly wields a wide range of magic, matching the capabilities of her human companions Maka and Soul, save for the culinary arts, perhaps. Blair’s mischievous nature extends to her habit of strolling about in human form, unclad and unfazed, much to Soul’s torment. Furthermore, she possesses a literal embodiment of nine lives. Should one of her multiple souls be extinguished, she seamlessly adopts another, defying the confines of mortality.

Raku from Bleach

While Raku may not possess the proverbial nine lives like his unfortunate fate, his existence as a ghost brings forth its own advantages. Transformed into a lion spirit, he adorns a fiery mane, prepared to confront Hollows that pose a peril to the soul of his human companion, Yuzu. The adversaries find themselves woefully outmatched against his shape-shifting technique, known as the Karakura Lion Jet. This extraordinary form grants Raku an unmatched combination of velocity and strength, amplified by the scorching flames that accompany his movements. Even when faced with a Hollow thrice his size, Raku fearlessly charges forward, employing his formidable spiritual power, or reiatsu, to overpower the opponent.

Koron from Junji Ito: Maniac


Koron, the bakeneko, surpasses Blair’s burnt fish in terms of sheer terror. His demonic nature is undeniable, evoking fear at every turn. Soichi, his human companion, takes the annoying little brother archetype to absurd extremes, displaying a remarkable tolerance for a feral cat that chews on everything from lifeless snakes to monstrous centipedes and spiders with an unsettling surplus of eyes. However, the horrors associated with Koron escalate far beyond his unusual appetite. He possesses the ability to unleash explosive bursts of lightning with such force that they can extinguish the entire house’s electricity. Perhaps the most treacherous aspect of Koron is his adeptness at assuming the facade of a normal cat, lulling unsuspecting individuals into a false sense of security—until he reveals his true, menacing form.

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Meowth from Pokémon 

Meowth, the cunning accomplice of Team Rocket, possesses an incessantly chattering nature. In their relentless pursuit to capture Ash’s prized Pikachu and other Pokémon, Meowth engages in boastful banter and confrontations with virtually anyone or anything. However, his audacity often surpasses his actual courage, resulting in his frequent flattening and defeat. Nevertheless, he demonstrates a pragmatic understanding that certain situations warrant the utilization of his colossal robotic alter ego to achieve his desired objectives. Unfortunately, these endeavors often prove to be equally futile. Nonetheless, one cannot deny Meowth’s impressive talent for concocting ingenious and nefarious schemes, even though they consistently meet with failure.

Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service

Jiji embodies the archetypal black cat that every aspiring witch should possess. Beyond his ability to converse, he exudes a remarkable level of sass, although it appears that only Kiki can truly hear his witty remarks. Who else would side-eye fellow felines and offer cutting remarks about them? While Jiji may frequently employ sarcasm and occasionally exhibit an air of arrogance, he remains devoted to his role as Kiki’s guardian, willing to go to great lengths for her sake. Only a truly loyal companion would go so far as to masquerade as a stuffed cat when Kiki misplaces the actual stuffed feline intended as a gift for her crush.

Kirara from Inuyasha

Kirara, another remarkable yokai, assumes the form of a nekomata—a shapeshifting cat boasting two tails. Despite her demonic origins, she defies expectations by displaying a character far from menacing. Rather than instilling fear in humans, Kirara serves as a steadfast companion, faithfully standing by the side of demon slayer Sango and her brother Kohaku in their valiant efforts to combat malevolent entities. Her loyalty knows no bounds, demonstrated when she nearly sacrifices herself to save Kohaku’s life, willingly enduring the poison inflicted by a half-demon she sought to eliminate in his defense. It would be unwise to underestimate her powers solely based on her deceivingly cute appearance. When necessary, Kirara can transform into a formidable creature, brimming with flames and exuding an aura of monstrous strength.

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Korin from Dragon Ball Z

While Korin’s life may not be blessed with ninefold longevity, the singular existence he possesses has endured for over 800 years and counting. This enduring lifespan can likely be attributed to his divine nature as a deity who traversed from the afterlife to the mortal realm. Residing within a towering structure that pierces the clouds, this fluffy white feline defies expectations, concealing the prowess of a martial arts master and a legendary warrior. Despite the grandeur associated with his name, Korin’s actual fearsomeness falls short of the exaggerated imaginations surrounding him. Nevertheless, there remains one feline trait he stubbornly clings to: an intense disdain for dogs, a sentiment that he refuses to let go of.

Kuroneko from Trigun

Kuroneko, aptly named “black cat,” is nothing more than an ordinary feline. While her oversized, luminous green eyes and toothy jack-o-lantern grin lend an air of intrigue, she possesses no supernatural abilities to boast of. She does, however, possess an intuitive sense that allows her to detect individuals with dubious intentions, often responding with a swift paw slap. Yet, her extraordinariness lies in an entirely different aspect. Regardless of the chaos unfolding around her, be it a fierce altercation or humans engaging in a destructive brawl that shatters windows and sends shards of glass flying, Kuroneko manages to maintain an uncanny composure. Her response, amidst the tumultuous circumstances, remains a simple “Meow.”

The Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro

In need of transportation in the most remote of locations? Look no further than the Catbus, a magical entity ready to assist if you possess the knowledge to summon it. This extraordinary creature traverses the terrain with its twelve agile legs, effortlessly bounding towards human bus stops. Its luminous yellow eyes emit beams of light, illuminating the path ahead, while rats with shimmering purple eyes serve as additional headlights and taillights. Although the enigmatic origins of this being may instill an eerie sensation, step inside and discover the comfort of plush, warm seats that far surpass the rigidity of ordinary plastic. Moreover, the Catbus possesses the ability to whisk you away to any destination you desire, leaving no trace of its passage behind.

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