Tears of the Kingdom: Accelerating Power with Perfect Weapon and Shield Fusion Combinations

Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom, much like Breath of the Wild before it, revolutionizes the Zelda series, introducing a plethora of wild new abilities that fundamentally transform the gameplay. Among the array of remarkable features, one of the most significant is Fuse, an ability bestowed upon Link. Fuse empowers players to combine various weapons, shields, and arrows with a diverse range of materials and items. This ambitious system unlocks endless possibilities, allowing your creativity to soar as you experiment with countless combinations. The results are nothing short of astounding, as you discover numerous exceptional fusions that go beyond mere damage or defense enhancements. Through the right fusions, you can even bestow Link with extraordinary effects, akin to equipping him with a skateboard.

As you embark on your journey in Tears of the Kingdom, it is crucial to keep a few notable fusions in mind. These combinations are bound to become essential elements throughout your adventure, offering invaluable benefits and enriching your overall experience.

Tears of the Kingdom Best Weapon Fusions

Tears of the Kingdom


In the early stages of Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find an abundance of spears and long sticks, as well as mushrooms. This combination presents a delightful and amusing experience as the bouncy nature of mushrooms sends enemies flying when struck. The extended reach of the spear grants you an advantage against any type of foe you encounter. While mushroom spears may not possess the highest damage output, they excel at separating swarming enemies or providing a means to push away formidable monsters when attempting to escape.

Weapon+Soldier Construct Horn

To enhance your arsenal in Tears of the Kingdom, incorporating the Soldier Construct Horn is highly recommended. These horns, obtained from defeating Constructs, offer a quick damage boost when attached to both spears and swords. Ensure you always equip the highest-level horns you possess for optimal results. For instance, Soldier Construct I Horns become less effective in the late-game, whereas Construct IV Horns provide significant additional damage.


Another fusion to prioritize is the combination of a weapon with a boulder. This fusion proves invaluable not only in combat but also for breaking through cracked walls, rocks, and gemstones. With boulders and rocks being readily available throughout the world, along with sticks and branches, it is wise to have a boulder fusion readily accessible in your inventory at all times.

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Weapon+Flux Core

Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, Flux Constructs serve as the initial bosses encountered, often found on the sky islands. Defeating these bosses rewards you with a spinning mace-like item called a Flux Core, which can be fused with a weapon to unleash a substantial damage bonus. The level of the dropped Flux Core corresponds to the level of the defeated Flux Construct, providing even greater damage potential.

Obtaining a Flux Core is truly worth the effort, as it allows you to create a colossal mace with immense damage and extended range. Just facing one of these bosses to acquire the core is highly recommended, as it significantly boosts your offensive capabilities.


Boomerangs, previously not the most impressive weapons in Breath of the Wild, undergo a remarkable transformation with the fusion ability in Tears of the Kingdom. While adding materials for extra damage is beneficial, attaching a Zonai Rocket to a boomerang elevates it to a whole new level. This fusion results in a souped-up weapon that moves at incredible speeds, resembling a projectile with sonic velocity. Mastering this weapon does require some practice, as the boomerang becomes 2-3 times faster than usual, necessitating precise timing to catch it upon return. Nonetheless, the extraordinary power and speed enable you to annihilate foes before they can even draw near.

Sword+Blue Lizalfos Horn

Around the midpoint of the game, or even earlier if you engage in extensive exploration, you’ll encounter Blue Lizalfos. These adversaries possess a massive sword-like horn that, when dropped, can be fused with a one-handed sword. This fusion grants you a sword-like weapon with substantial damage output. It is crucial to prioritize fusing the Blue Lizalfos horn with a one-handed sword, as speed becomes paramount when facing larger adversaries.


Tears of the Kingdom

Spears are renowned for their exceptional reach among all weapons, but envision the possibilities when fusing one spear with another. The result is a weapon that not only boasts increased damage but also possesses an outrageously extended range capable of keeping even the most colossal foes at bay.


When it comes to fusion materials, eyeballs prove immensely valuable for enhancing arrows, as they imbue your shots with tracking abilities, allowing them to home in on enemies. However, this advantage holds true for melee weapons as well. Incorporating an eyeball into your melee weapon fusion not only adds a bit of extra damage but also bestows the remarkable advantage of making your thrown weapon instantly home in on an enemy. While most melee weapons deliver a powerful final attack with this homing effect, boomerangs can be thrown repeatedly, providing an ongoing ranged assault. Whichever type of weapon you choose, integrating an eyeball into the fusion is an excellent option if you desire a touch of ranged damage in your arsenal.

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Tears of the Kingdom Best Shield Fusions

Rocket Shield

While the Rocket Shield may not excel in combat, it possesses a completely different functionality: propelling you skyward. This fusion combination proves immensely useful for exploration purposes, allowing you to ascend rapidly or even bypass certain puzzle solutions. With a rocket attached to your shield, simply press the defend button once to send Link soaring into the air. However, bear in mind that this rocket boost can only be utilized once, so use it judiciously.

Puffshroom Shield

Puffshrooms are relatively abundant in the early stages of the game, and incorporating one into your shield fusion yields a unique effect. When an enemy strikes your shield, the puffshroom detonates, enveloping the surrounding area in a cloud of obscuring smoke, effectively blinding adversaries. This enables you to swiftly ambush them with a powerful combo or provides a viable means of escape when faced with a challenging situation.

Ruby Shield

This fusion combination takes a slightly different approach, as rubies can be sold for a handsome sum of money. However, it’s worth considering reserving one for your shield. When an enemy makes contact with the ruby attached to your shield, it detonates, unleashing a fiery explosion that inflicts immediate damage and continues to inflict damage over time. The best part is that this explosion doesn’t harm Link at all. Since you can obtain multiple uses from a single ruby, it serves as an excellent option if you’re willing to part with one in exchange for its potent effects.

Tears of the Kingdom

Flame-Emitter Shield

Flame-Emitters, among the first Zonai Devices you’ll come across, are readily available, so locating them shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. Attaching one to a shield essentially grants you a portable flamethrower, proving particularly effective against enemies vulnerable to fire, like Like Likes. However, remember that your ability to produce fire is limited by the amount of charged Energy you have available.

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Zonai Spring

As expected, the Zonai Spring operates similarly to the mushroom spear, albeit serving as a defensive alternative. While the spring may not send enemies flying to the same extent as mushroom weapons, this characteristic works to its advantage in this case. Toppling an enemy with the spring and swiftly following up with a jump attack creates a devastating combo, dealing significant damage.

Cannon Shield

Once you begin encountering Zonai Cannons, promptly affix one to your shield, as it grants you a fantastic long-range defensive option. Cannon blasts unleash immense damage upon enemies. However, exercise caution this time, as the blasts can also harm and propel Link backward. It’s an excellent choice, but be mindful of its usage and take care to avoid injuring yourself.

Minecart Shield

Tears of the Kingdom

Undoubtedly, one of the most captivating combinations in the entire game is the Minecart Shield fusion, which effectively transforms the gameplay into something reminiscent of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. This fusion not only enhances your defense but also imbues the Shield Surf ability with a set of wheels, elevating your speed and maneuverability. An added benefit is the ability to ride on Minecart rails by surfing along them, expanding your exploration possibilities and adding an exhilarating dimension to your adventures.

Shield + Shield

You might never have considered fusing one shield with another, but it is indeed a possibility. While there are no special effects involved, merging two shields together results in a shield that is twice as durable. This proves to be a fantastic way to enhance weaker shields as you progress further in the game. Additionally, if your inventory is full, you can still pick up shields you come across by fusing them with your existing ones, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable equipment.

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