Resident Evil 4 Remake: Unlocking Every Weapon in Separate Ways DLC

RE4 Remake The Best Weapons Guide

While Resident Evil 4 Remake doesn’t bring an entirely fresh armory to the table, its DLC expansion, Separate Ways, introduces a handful of thrilling weapons that fans are bound to relish wielding. The aim of this in-depth guide is to provide a complete rundown of these weapons and elucidate the ways in which players can acquire them. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of every weapon featured in RE4: Separate Ways, along with the most effective strategies for obtaining each one.

List of All Weapons in the Separate Ways DLC

List of All Weapons in the Separate Ways DLC

Including the bonus firearms, the Separate Ways DLC offers a total of 13 weapons:

  1. Elite Knife
  2. Tactical Knife
  3. Chicago Sweeper
  4. Infinite Rocket Launcher
  5. Rocket Launcher
  6. Sawed-Off W870
  7. Blast Crossbow
  8. Stingray
  9. SR M1903
  10. TMP
  11. Red9
  12. Punisher MC
  13. Blacktail AC

How to Get Every Weapon in Separate Ways

Among the 13 weapons available in the DLC, only two can be acquired without cost: the SR M1903 and the Blast Crossbow. To obtain the others, players will either need to make purchases at Merchant spots or meet specific rank requirements to unlock them.

WeaponHow to Get
Tactical KnifeAlready in the Inventory
TMPAlready in the Inventory
Blacktail ACAlready in the Inventory
Elite KnifeComplete All Merchant Requests
Infinite Rocket LauncherBuy in the NG+ for 1,500,000 Pesetas
Chicago SweeperGet an A rank on Professional Mode
StingrayBuy for 20,000 (Chapter 5 Merchant)
Red9Buy for 14,000 (Chapter 4 Merchant)
Rocket LauncherBuy for 80,000 (Chapter 3 Merchant)
Sawed-off W-870 ShotgunBuy for 10,000 (Chapter 2 Merchant)
Punisher MCBuy for 10,000 (Chapter 2 Merchant)
Blast CrossbowIn the Abandoned Factory (the same room where
Leon retrieved his weapons)
SR M1903Find it in the Castle Gate (Next to the locked

List of All Weapon Attachments

RE4 Remake List of All Weapon Attachments

In Separate Ways, there are six gun mods available: Scope, Biosensor Scope, TMP Stock, Red9 Stock, Laser Sight, and High-Power Scope. Out of these, players can obtain the first two, Scope and Biosensor Scope, without any cost. However, the remaining four mods must be purchased from the Merchant.

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Weapon AttachmentHow to Get
High-Power ScopeBuy for 5,000 (Chapter 4 Merchant)
Laser SightBuy for 3,000 (Chapter 3 Merchant)
Red9 StockBuy for 12,000 (Chapter 4 Merchant)
TMP StockBuy for 15,000 (Chapter 2 Merchant)
Biosensor ScopeIn the weapon box across the Merchant spot in
Gregorio’s Waterway.
ScopeFind it in the Castle Gate (next to the SR M1903

The Best Weapons in Separate Ways

RE4 Remake The Best Weapons in Separate Ways

When evaluating the weapons in the RE4 Remake DLC, it’s evident that the Blacktail AC stands out as the best choice. Its combination of reasonable upgrade costs and maximum power makes it a formidable option. When fully upgraded, Ada’s initial sidearm delivers a significant 1.5x damage boost, greatly enhancing the likelihood of staggering enemies and achieving one-shot kills. However, it’s worth noting that a fully upgraded Stingray is also a commendable alternative for players seeking an effective weapon in their arsenal.

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