Locating the Slum Shack Key in Lies of P

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Locating the Slum Shack Key in Lies of P

Once players have vanquished the formidable Fallen Archbishop Andreus, their journey will lead them to the enigmatic Malum District, a domain under the sway of the enigmatic Black Rabbit Brotherhood. As is customary in Lies of P, this district will demand thorough exploration, offering an array of valuable items and secrets for those willing to seek them out.

Upon activating the initial Stargazer on the Path of the Pilgrim, players can embark on their quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Black Rabbit Brotherhood and the heinous acts they have perpetrated. In close proximity to this Stargazer, Lies of P adventurers will confront a formidable carcass adversary, the defeat of which yields the Slum Shack Key—a key that unlocks access to a specific treasure, beckoning with rewards and secrets.

Slum Shack Key Location

To obtain the Slum Shack Key in Lies of P, players should follow these steps:

  1. Begin at the Stargazer location.
  2. Proceed forward in a straight path from the Stargazer.
  3. After advancing, make a left turn.
Slum Shack Key Location Lies of P

Upon venturing in the described direction, players will encounter a formidable bear monster. They have the option to choose whether to confront it or wisely evade it and make a hasty retreat. Once this decision is made, players should continue to forge ahead in a straight path until they reach a slum area. Here, they should exercise caution, as the slum is teeming with carcasses that pose a significant threat.

Lies of P Slum Shack Key Location Monster

Continuing the journey, players should advance further and then make a leftward turn, ultimately reaching the rooftops. Here, they will encounter a few adversaries that will need to be overcome. After dealing with these threats, players should keep moving along the rooftops until they come upon a wooden bridge. To progress, they should leap from the bridge and enter the room below.

Within this room, a lift awaits players’ use. Activating the lift will transport them to a location near the previously locked door close to the Stargazer. They should open this door, which also serves as a resting point for recuperating lost Pulse Cells. Following this, players should descend via the lift and proceed straightforwardly toward the substantial wooden gate.

As players draw near to the gate, a colossal carcass monster will suddenly emerge. It is an aggressive foe, but with some strategic planning, it can be defeated. Players can expedite this by employing the Flame Grindstone. Once the monster is vanquished, it will drop the coveted Slum Shack Key, an essential item for unlocking a small wooden door in the vicinity.

Utilize the Slum Shack Key to unlock this door. Inside, players will encounter two additional adversaries; they should engage and defeat these foes. Subsequently, head toward the locked chest within the room and open it to reveal the Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter. To equip this item, navigate to the Equipment section, scroll down to Defense Parts, select the second option, and choose the Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter.

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