Cyberpunk 2077: Expanding Your RAM – Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 Expanding Your RAM - Guide

In Cyberpunk 2077, players have the freedom to choose from a variety of playstyles. For those who prefer hacking their way through encounters with potent quickhacks, investing heavily in the Intelligence attribute is crucial to become a proficient Netrunner. Hacking, of course, hinges on the use of a cyberdeck. Each time a player engages in hacking, they consume a portion of their RAM, which is visibly displayed at the top of the HUD during hacking and gradually replenishes over time.

The most effective quickhacks often come with high RAM requirements. To maintain a consistent flow of hacking abilities, players should focus on increasing their RAM capacity. This guide will delve into all the methods available to accomplish this in Cyberpunk 2077.

Ram Jolt

Ram Jolt Cyberpunk 2077

RAM Jolt serves as a consumable item, providing players with a temporary RAM enhancement. These boosters are considered rare loot and can also be acquired through medpoint vendors scattered across Night City. The effects of RAM Jolt have a lasting duration and prove valuable in a wide range of situations.


Cyberdecks Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, each cyberdeck comes with a fixed base RAM capacity, which is represented by the blue number displayed to the right of the yellow cyberware requirements. Opting for superior and higher-tier cyberdecks will grant you access to more RAM. To ensure you’re always well-equipped for hacking, it’s advisable to make regular visits to Ripperdocs as your street cred levels up. Doing so will unlock a wider range of cyberdecks for purchase.

Moreover, players can further enhance their cyberdecks by using components to upgrade them to higher tiers, boosting their RAM capacity and overall hacking prowess.


Intelligence  Cyberpunk 2077

If players are keen on hacking, their primary investment should be in intelligence. For every four points allocated to intelligence, players will receive an additional +1 RAM.

Ram Upgrade Cyberware

Ram Upgrade Cyberware Cyberpunk 2077

The RAM upgrade is a type of cyberware designed to slot into the frontal cortex. It enhances the rate at which RAM recovers and boosts V’s maximum RAM capacity. The higher-tier RAM upgrades deliver more potent effects. When planning your Netrunner build, pay special attention to the Frontal Cortex cyberware slot, as most cyberware for this slot can impact your RAM positively or negatively. Additionally, be on the lookout for cyberware with an Intelligence Attuned feature, as it might grant V even more RAM.

Netrunner Skill

Netrunner Skill  Cyberpunk 2077

Various skill levels can be advanced by employing specific weapons and abilities. Players can boost their Netrunner skill to Level 10 and subsequently to Level 30, resulting in a +2 RAM bonus. This skill progresses as players utilize quick hacks and engage in breach protocol activities on terminals.

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